Top 7 Deepest Places on Planet Earth

The Earth has several deep places, both on land and in the oceans. Here are some of the deepest places on our planet:

10. Diamantina Trench

The Diamantina Trench is a submarine trench located in the eastern Indian Ocean. It is situated off the northwest coast of Australia, stretching roughly from the Ashmore Reef to the Carnarvon Plateau. The trench is named after the nearby Diamantina River in Queensland, Australia.

The Diamantina Trench is part of the larger series of oceanic trenches that form the Australian-Antarctic Basin. It is one of the deepest areas in the Indian Ocean, with its maximum depth reaching approximately 8,047 meters (26,400 feet). However, its average depth is around 5,500 meters (18,000 feet).

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